Elimination of Further R&D Funding

Bayh-Dole’s (B-D) commercialization of federally-funded basic research is the bridge connecting annual $130+ bn. congressional funding to its congressionally intended public benefits of jobs, economic development and scientific progress. This B-D bridge’s on-ramp is controlled by federal grant agencies, each with its own mission. Life science’s on-ramp is supervised by NIH. Its off-ramp exit is policed by the FDA. Life science’s high-risk commercialization crossing to the off-ramp is difficult, long and costly. Its chances of reaching and using the FDA managed off-ramp are statistically slim. Continue reading Elimination of Further R&D Funding

AUTM’S New Congressional Efforts Are Off to a Great Start

Joined by Joe Allen, Brien O’Shaughnessy, AUTM’s Steve Susalka spoke at Eagle Forum’s recent Capitol Hill Bayh-Dole presentation. For B-D enthusiasts it was truly a “gathering of eagles”. Steve’s clear explanation (above) was interesting, understandable, and persuasive. And it was timely. B-D’s miraculous record of economic, defense and medical progress is undeniably astounding. Its multiple enactment in other developed nations confirms its worthiness. The factual data in Steve’s presentation explain why since its enactment BD’s economic trend-lines on any graphic timeline have gone uphill; from the lower left to the upper right. But unless we all timely address other disturbing trends by explaining B-D to young staff and new members, these positive trendiness will reverse direction and start heading down. Continue reading AUTM’S New Congressional Efforts Are Off to a Great Start

Bayh-Dole Explained on Capital Hill

Earlier this week those able to attend were treated to an excellent and important presentation on Capitol Hill discussing the Bayh-Dole Act. It was sponsored by Eagle Forum, whose recently deceased founder Phyllis Schlafly, was a tireless conservative defender of intellectual property. Eagle Forum’s Jim Edwards acted as Moderator. The panelist experts were; erstwhile B-D defender Joe Allen, AUTM’s Stephen Susalka and LES’ Brian O’Shaughnessy. The presentation was illuminating and informative. It definitely is worthy of broader circulation, especially to our congressional delegations. Continue reading Bayh-Dole Explained on Capital Hill