Trump Moves Towards Life Science Support

The pre-election clamor about prescription drug pricing took an interesting turn last week following President Trump’s meeting with prescription drug-makers at the White House. Earlier this year pricing abuse by rogue firms whose lack of competition in certain markets enabled upward price ratcheting attracted glaring press outrage leading to presidential campaign promises to curb prescription drug pricing if elected. Unfortunately, top down price controls cannot cure this market malady. Indeed, by choking-off investment in basic life science research to develop cures advancing competition they will only worsen it. Post-AIA uncertainty plaguing commercialization is shrinking independent private investment in the long and costly development of high-risk life science products, shielding sole suppliers to certain patient markets from competition. Continue reading Trump Moves Towards Life Science Support

Draining the Swamp Uncertainty

Congress returned this week with a carefully pre-planned 100-day House agenda focused on repealing ACA and certain regulatory reforms. Even before its members were sworn in however chaos erupted.

On Monday night over the objections of Speaker Ryan and House Majority Leader McCarthy, Rep. Goodlatte passed a Rules change in the Republican Conference renaming the Office of Congressional Ethics as the Office of Congressional Complaint Review, placing it back under the aegis of the House Ethics Committee. Tuesday AM President Elect Trump tweeted a rebuke to the House Republicans for action inconsistent with “draining the swamp” or as he puts it, “#DST” Later today chastened Republicans removed the changeContinue reading Draining the Swamp Uncertainty