President Elect Trump and Tech Meet This Coming Weekend

Sometimes pictures say a thousand words. This iconic photo from 2011 marked  the marriage of President Obama and Silicon Valley IT tech.

Obama dinner with tech titans
President Obama’s Silicon Valley Tech Titans Dinner, 2/18/2011

No doubt its agenda included the Obama Administration Patent Reform Initiative and its HR 9 and S.1137 measures the President said he was eager to sign.  Continue reading President Elect Trump and Tech Meet This Coming Weekend

Technet Hint of Possible Strategy Shift

We keep hearing about a pending post-election strategy meeting of Silicon Valley mega-tech leaders who clearly landed on the zero side of a very binary Presidential election. With the exception of Peter Thiel, a strong Trump supporter and member of the President Elect Trump (PET) Transition team, the Valley big-wigs were firmly planted in the Clinton camp. They may be looking forward to the antithesis their cozy relationship with President Obama, including punitive sanctions for their production processes.  So far there are no reports that the strategy meeting has taken place or of any strategies emerging. But there are signs that big IT tech may now have more pressing concerns than passing patent reform.  Continue reading Technet Hint of Possible Strategy Shift

Cures Act High Priority in Lame Duck Session

The two-part, four-week lame duck session (LD) is about to begin. Altered by unforeseen election results, pre-election LD plans have necessarily been altered. Traditionally, a Republican occupied White House and a present and future Republican majority in both chambers would signal smooth LD sailing, clearing a path for the next President. This year’s LD session may be different. On the Republican side, fiscal conservatives may clash with advocates for the debt-funding stimulus of infrastructure and tax cuts. Among Democrats, progressives and centrists may clash over “what went wrong“as their progressive and more pragmatic factions fight it out. Continue reading Cures Act High Priority in Lame Duck Session

Yes, But Then There’s Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel, the Silicon Valley superstar who co-founded PayPal, Palantir, and sits on Facebook’s board has joined President Elect Trump’s transition team. His brilliance and unique tech background in a group of NY business folks will be uniquely influential, which calls into agonizing question the glass-half-full optimism explained so well this week in IPWatchdog posts co-authored by Peter Harter and Gene Quinn.  Continue reading Yes, But Then There’s Peter Thiel

China and US Head in Opposite IP Directions

China increasingly a preferred venue for patent litigation, even for US patent owners

Quoted below are the closing paragraphs of IPWatchdog’s post today co-authored by Steve Brachmann and Gene Quinn.

The entire piece is well worth reading. The warning in its closing sentence (below) is must reading. China is strengthening its patent system while we are weakening ours. Continue reading China and US Head in Opposite IP Directions

Silver Lining?

Here is an interesting, encouraging look at President Elect Trump’s presumed IP leanings by two smart IP policy people. Gene Quinn and Peter Harter share their views about the rising likelihood of efficiency infringement’s potential to conquer the Hill’s PR manufactured troll crisis. Beyond the virtually certain influence on Trump of prominent libertarian and Facebook Board member Peter Thiel (of Paypal, Palantir fame ) the rest of Silicon Valley has prominently been opposed to Trump. Many still are now actually threatening to leave the USA. Google has successfully installed influential acolytes in many powerful positions, including USPTO, but once the FTC’s recent condemnation of framing patent reform with the “unhelpful” distraction of the troll terminology the troll meme may finally be erased. And for many in Congress that is all they know about patents. We have made substantial gains in recent years with many members. For the rest of the congressional membership empty (and thus open) minds may allow for fresh interest where before there was only lobbyist manufactured apathy. Continue reading Silver Lining?

The “Halo Effect” Yields Larger Rewards, Greater Volatility in Patent System

Though likely not intended, Michael Rosen’s post in today’s Tech Policy Daily has rekindled our often-expressed hope that SCOTUS’ “Halo Effect“ may provide a pathway to lower court willful damages assessments that could  “put a fork” into the pernicious practice of “efficient infringement” by big tech bullies . It has long been our belief that protecting “efficient infringement”, not alleged pervasive patent-trolling, is the motivating force behind the plaintiff-punishing sanctions and cost deterrents built into HR 9’s so-called litigation “reform”. 

Fingers crossed .