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chris gallagher
Chris Gallagher

From his website ipstrategic.com Chris regularly publishes news and strategic advise about federal patent law developments affecting early-stage innovation. His nationwide readership began with research university advocates and tech-transfer personnel but now includes inventors, venture and angel capitalists and DC patent policy thought-leaders who share his concern about the weakened state of the US patent system and its resultant deterrence to investment in commercialization. Congressional research and development funding has flatlined for a decade. Pursuant to the provisions of Bayh Dole promising discoveries of federally-funded basic research must be commercialized if our federally funded innovation ecosystem is to survive. As patent developments deter independent private sector investors from participating in public/private partnerships to develop and deliver such funding’s benefit to the public, continued federal support for the scientific study underpinning nation’s economic growth and development will fall prey to the combined forces of anti-patent coalitions and deficit hawks. Congressional and Court created undermining of patent reliability is not just another swing of patents’ centuries-old “too strong -too weak” policy pendulum. It is the product of well-resourced political clout of ICT incumbents to whom patents have become an inconvenience. Their practice of efficient infringement risks enforcement damages that can dwarf the collective “costs” of obtaining congressional and court protection from enforcement. Participants in early stage innovation whose invention focus and strained resources leave little room for “politics”must be heard on Capitol Hill if they hope to preserve their critical niche in the IP community. Well-informed and willing to communicate, they can communicate their plight efficiently and effectively.

Chris co-founded Gallagher Callahan & Gartrell, a full-service Concord NH law firm where for 30 years he practiced administrative law and actively participated in formulating state regulatory policy before moving to DC in 2005 where he represented various IP interests on Capitol Hill, including venture capitalists, start-ups, pro-patent coalitions and research universities in the congressional debates about patent reform When it became clear that early stage innovation interests could not match the political clout of the ICT incumbents promoting patent reform he began encouraging concerted and direct congressional engagement by research universities with their home state congressional delegations. Working for university clients at New Venture Advisors what began with periodic mailings to concerned readers has developed into a website resource designed to equip them with the information they need to effectively communicate their story. Chris is now committed full-time to periodically publishing a cost-free information and advise.