Issa’s Big Tech Boosters

Darrell Issa, big tech’s chief anti-patent tub-thumper is appropriately taken to the campaign contribution woodshed (below) this week by IPWatchdog’s Gene Quinn. Issa’s great self-esteem baffles pro-patent advocates because unlike most of his Hill colleagues he knows better. Issa is a multiple enforcement patent owner plaintiff. So why does he push so hard for big … Continue reading Issa’s Big Tech Boosters

Rep. Issa Publicly Addresses Future Patent Troll Legislation Last Week

Despite recent FTC’s disapproval of its lobbyist use on the Hill, CES dedicated an entire panel last week to “patent trolls”, combining high praise for USOTO Director Michelle Lee with candid commentary from “surprise” visitor (and Lee supporter) House Judiciary IP Sub-Committee Chair Darrell Issa. Mr Issa HR 9’s sponsor and chief congressional tub-thumper last … Continue reading Rep. Issa Publicly Addresses Future Patent Troll Legislation Last Week

Incoming – Take Cover

In 2013, The Innovation Act that passed so overwhelmingly in the House died that year on the Senate side. You will recall that it was designed to protect big tech’s efficient infringement business model further. It reappeared in 2014, passed Judiciary Committees in both bodies but died without a floor vote when the session ended. … Continue reading Incoming – Take Cover

The New “Reality”

Years ago, on Capitol Hill truth was reality. Twenty years ago, as press communications devolved into sound bites and headline-hunting, “perception” became the new “reality.” Keen DC observers noted then that “whatever wasn’t covered by the press didn’t happen” (even if it did happen). That sad state of affairs next morphed into the notion that … Continue reading The New “Reality”

King Amendment a Commercialization Killer

While pro-patent advocates worried last week about troll-hyping clap-trap oozing from a House hearing managed by big tech’s slick salesman Rep.  Issa, Bayh-Dole was blind-sided in the Senate. An Angus King commercialization-killer amendment to its must-pass Senate Defense authorization now looms over already shaky biotech investment. How dangerous is this Armed Services Committee Report language? … Continue reading King Amendment a Commercialization Killer

“Secure for Limited Times” Can Not Mean No Security Ever

Before the long weekend ahead we want to call your attention to two hurdles ahead as Congress considers the Coons-Cotton STRONGER Patents Act and SCOTUS considers PTAB’s constitutionality in Oil States.  SCOTUS When our Founders expressly established patent rights in the Constitution they underlined the document’s unique establishment of a new and different sovereignty for the US. It … Continue reading “Secure for Limited Times” Can Not Mean No Security Ever

A Busy Day

There is much to report today.  We will cover it as efficiently as possible. TV talk show hosts and newscasters often appreciatively refer to their repeat guests as “friends of the show.” As it turns out Bayh-Dole has put on an impressive economic show over recent years. Now there are fresh numbers to prove it. … Continue reading A Busy Day

China’s Patent Ascendancy is Helped by House Judiciary.

Today the barons of big tech meet at the White House with President Trump whose understanding of their work and how that work bears on our present global economic leadership and security in this new digital information age is doubtful. But at least he appears to be uncontrollable. For more than a decade tech titans … Continue reading China’s Patent Ascendancy is Helped by House Judiciary.