Inventor Congressman Tom Massie

Pro-patent members of Congress who were on both sides of the aisle but were few and far between used to meet each year with a few proponent advocates to plan our defense against the big tech’s anti-patent annual onslaught. In 2013, a freshman member from Kentucky named Tom Massie appeared in our midst. He has numerous patents, is an MIT graduate, and completely understands tech transfer. A strong conservative he committed himself then and there to the pro-patent cause. He has been working the House floor itself ever since carrying his whip list in his pocket.  Collectively we owe a lot to Rep. Massie. He is a firm believer in direct personal telephone contact with home state delegations, especially by universities. A few weeks ago, as a keynote speaker at an Eagle Forum Memorial dinner celebrating the relentless past pro-patent advocacy of its founder Phyllis Schlafly he described pro-patent life on the Hill as a member. Gene Quinn who was also at the dinner arranged a future meeting with Tom which resulted in an IPWatchdog interview.

Tom tells it like it is on Capitol Hill and offers common sense suggestions about making our Hill contacts count.

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