Essay Summarizing IPR Concerns Voiced by Panelists at PTO

I recently joined Robert Sterne, Judge Paul Michel, Peter Detkin, Damon C Mateo, Paul Evans and Paul Stone on a panel at the Advanced Patent Law Institute’s annual presentation at the USPTO. Kevin Madigan begins his summary the conference’s opening presentation with the paragraph below. It is a useful overview of a presentation to an audience of advanced patent experts with Director Lee (USPTO) seated in the front row.

“Last month, the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), along with the University of Texas Law School and Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University, hosted the 12th annual Advanced Patent Law Institute in Alexandria, Virginia. The program featured a distinguished panel of patent experts discussing “current issues around patenting, licensing, enforcing, and monetizing patents in the U.S., and look[ing] at what the UK, EU, and China are experiencing and the impact on U.S. patent practice.” Titled The Current Patent Landscape in the US and Abroad and focusing on the economic factors that spur invention, the consensus was that dramatic changes to the US patent system are driving investment in research and development outside the country and threatening the future of American innovation.”

You can read Kevin Madigan’s excellent article in its entirety here.

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